MSI B450 Motherboard




Maximize Performance and Gain Better Experience

MSI motherboards are well-prepared, packed with several brand-new features to fulfill gamers and professional users’ needs. Core Boost and Extended Heatsink design ensure 8-core CPU running in full speed. Flash BIOS Button makes updating the BIOS even easier than before. Shipped with the new AMD SSD technology ‘StoreMI’, and MSI’s exclusive X-Boost, MSI B450 motherboards will provide an optimized transfer experience. Combined with MSI’s X-Boost, transfer performance can be increased up to 20%, significantly boosting data transferring speeds.

TechPowerUpTgave their HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Award to the B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC with a review score of 9.7 out of 10.
“The MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC comes in at just under US$130, a bargain for this much motherboard. The full, undiluted overclocking experience, excellent audio performance, and dark, sleek look all come together to create a very attractive package.”
Guru3D handed their Great Value Award to the B450 TOMAHAWK.
“A fairly simple uncomplicated motherboard with very decent looks and everything you need, I ask you, how can we not like this?”
ProClockers certified the B450 TOMAHAWK with a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Award.
“The Tomahawk series has once again proven to be a menacing addition to the arsenal gaming lineup. Strong performance across the board from zero compromises is apparent.”
Neoseeker published a combined review of the B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC and the B450 TOMAHAWK, awarding both their RECOMMENDED Award.
“Thanks to the Turbo M.2 slot for the SSD I used for storage of the operating system, the HD Tune Pro benchmark data demonstrated how the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC and B450 Tomahawk Motherboards beat the X470 Gaming M7 AC Motherboard access (read) times by almost 14%.”
Buy 2 Get 1 Free



Customers (resellers/SI) who buy 2pcs MSI B450 GAMING PLUS can get 1p B350M PRO-VDH for free.

Target country

selected EMEA countries

Target customers

Resellers/SI who DID NOT buy MSI B350 series MB during June 1st ~ July 26th , 2018

Promotion period

Customer invoice valid date: July 31st -Aug 31st, 2018

Resellers/SI upload invoice

Terms and Condition

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    Participant countries:Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Netherland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Malta
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    No product return allow
  • 3
    One customer can claim1 package only
    /One package means: 2pcs MSI B450 GAMING PLUS can get 1p B350M PRO-VDH
  • 4
    Disty sell out before: September 15th
  • 5
    Disty collect the package sell out data to MSI for claim before September 30th , 2018
  • 6
    MSI payment process to Disty through CN in October, 2018.
Lucky Draw

MSI Lucky Draw

Target customers

MSI customers, Disty/reseller/SI who buy B450 series MB can join the lucky draw

Promotion period

August 1st ~September 30th , 2018

Program Description

Disty, Resellers, SI who buy B450 series MB and share MSI B450 MB information (product/promotion..etc) on your social media or website during promotion period, can join MSI Lucky draw

This is not for end-user to join

X399 CREATION x1pcs
X399 CREATION x1pcs
Steam wallet $100
Steam wallet amount value: EUR 100 x 3pcs
AMD RYZEN 5 2600X Socket AM4 Desktop Processor x 5pcs
Upload Marketing exposures

Upload Marketing exposures

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Terms and Condition

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    Disty/Resellers, SI who buy B450 series MB should upload the invoice and also upload their marketing exposure of MSI B450 series information promoting at their social media or websites ie: product photo/ B450 promotions/ share MSI B450 post/ MSI B450 photo at offline shops
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    Customer registration and Upload the photos at MSI landing page can join the lucky draw.
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    Target country: EMEA
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    MSI will approved within 7 days and show it at landing page gallery
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    MSI will lucky draw the winner in October, 2018