Deeper Look into what’s Behind the New Keyboards

By Matt Wang |
A Deeper Look into what’s Behind the New Keyboards

Aside from the core performance and cooling, the keyboard is something MSI has been focusing on right from the start. The keyboard is one of the most important factor that directly affects the gamers’ performance and the comfort during long gaming sessions. The long-time partnership with SteelSeries dated way back since MSI launched GT780 back in 2011, the 1st gaming laptop to ever feature a SteelSeries gaming keyboard. The choice was obvious, as MSI has been devoted to provide what really matters to gamers.
Through extensive research and engineering, MSI has now taken things even one step further, introducing two new laptop keyboards that’s coming out with the latest models.

Rapid RGB Mechanical Keyboard with GT75VR
Mechanical keyboards have always been THE THING for hardcore gamers. While the full Cherry MX Switch on the GT83 is a zero-compromise implementation, MSI has never stopped looking for ways to bring the mechanical experience more accessible to more gamers. Together with the collaboration of SteelSeries, MSI has co-developed the brand new “Rapid RGB Mechanical Keyboard” for the GT75VR.

The new Rapid RGB Mechanical Keyboard is designed with 3mm travel distance, comparable to those of a full-desktop mechanical keyboard (usually at around 3 ~ 4 mm). If you are a touch-type person, you might not even notice it’s actually a low-profiled mechanical laptop keyboard from its comfort tactile feedback!

On the other hand, MSI doesn’t want the long travel distance to slow your reaction down either. While some still appreciates membrane keyboards for the short key travel and would sacrifice feedback for faster actuation, MSI found a way to combine the best of both worlds: paired with the 3 mm total key travel, is a 1.5 mm actuation depth. This is even faster than most membrane keyboards, as they usually actuates when bottomed out at around 1.6 ~ 2 mm. The faster actuation depth gives you the advantage of 25% faster trigger speed comparing to most of the other laptop mechanical keyboards out there.

The icing on the cake is the “clicky” sound and the tactile bump from the switch, which offers a similar feel of a Cherry MX Blue or Brown switch. If you don’t have the chance to try it in person, here’s a recording of what it sounds like. You should really listen to this beauty.

And since this is designed for gaming, the aesthetics is no slouch either: it’s “RGB-licious”. Not only does the backlight come in 16.7 million colors, it’s also per-key backlit. Gamers can customize each and every single key to their own liking, whether you prefer fancy animation, or just light up the WASD/QWER keys. Here are a few examples, but the customization is virtually endless, and we look forward to seeing your creativity come into play.


All in all, the Rapid RGB Mechanical Keyboard on the GT75VR ended up being the best slim mechanical keyboard on any laptop. It’s got the decent travel and tactile feel of a full-desktop keyboard, while offering faster actuation time than any membrane or other low profile keyboards.

Per-Key RGB SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard with GE73VR & GE63VR
The SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard across all MSI gaming laptops has been loved by gamers all around the world. It’s comfortable with just the right feedback force; it’s pleasing to watch with the shining multi-zone RGB backlight thanks to the silver lining print; it’s also gaming-optimized with the optimal WASD-Ctrl-Space layout and full-sized arrow keys (something overlooked by many brands for reasons unknown).


So what would you add to an already perfect keyboard?

Here’s a thought -- Let’s make it Per-Key RGB backlit!

And there it was, the world’s 1st per-key RGB gaming laptop keyboard by SteelSeries was born. Combined with the silver lining print design, it’s not only the 1st but also the brightest and fanciest per-key RGB backlight. And as previously mentioned, the customization brought upon is endless. With the new per-key RGB SteelSeries gaming keyboard, you can really make yours your own and like no other.

The new keyboard will be first available on the new GE73VR & GE63VR series. But expect to hear more from us for future plans.

SteelSeries Engine 3 (SSE3)
MSI couldn’t have made great keyboards without a good software to pair with. And SteelSeries Engine has played an important role since day 1 of the gaming keyboard evolution. MSI has continuously been working with SteelSeries to enhance the function and the user experience of the software, to make sure it’s not only easy to use but also gets the complex jobs done. With the latest version, SteelSeries Engine 3, implemented across all the models, it’s like an extra powerful “buff” for the gamers.

The SSE3 does an amazing job of integrating both the backlight control and the macro/shortcut settings (something many would require two separate software). There’s a great variety of animated backlight effects to choose from, or you could customize every key individually to your liking. The SSE3 also brings programmable macros to 99% of the keys across the keyboard (the 1% exception being the “Fn” key, so no system shortcuts would be effected). There is no making room for extra macro keys, as every key can be a macro key. And the best part is all configurations can be paired to profiles, and be switched on the fly automatically or manually.

What sets SSE3 apart from the competition is probably the GameSense. GameSense allows the keyboard backlight to be aware of in-game events, such as damage and ammo, and sync with a wide range of SteelSeries peripherals. For example, you can have the backlight represent your current Health/Ammo/Armor status, and flashes when at critical level. (Unfair advantage for free!)


The Journey Doesn’t End Here

There is always room for improvement and MSI never stop pursuing gaming innovation and perfection. But for now, here are the best keyboards for 2017, from us and among the market. Whether you’re planning to get one, or giving it a try at local store/from a friend, we’d like to hear from you for any feedback.

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